Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Whole Lot of Fun, and a Healthy Helping of Hope!

This past weekend, the Bigs (Charlie and Paige) and Jonathan and I went to Lake Placid, NY for a little ski vacation.  We had so much fun!

Charlie and Paige both did AWESOME at skiing this year.  This was only their 2nd time, and they both really learned a lot!  They did lessons for one full day, and then another half-day.  Their instructors were great, and you can see the lessons really paid off.

The next time we go, Charlie will probably be ready to move over to the big mountain.  Paige still has a little work to do, but I dare anyone to try telling her that.  Her response to when we suggested that she follow us down the hill to work on her turning: "I know how to do it, Mom.  I like to go fast!"  Yep! That is our little daredevil!

Here is a little video montage of our ski weekend.

Oh, how I wish we could do that more often!

Anna didn't make the trip with us because she is still too young for skiing.  Instead, she stayed with her Grammy and Papa, where she was showered with attention and love by them, and by her aunts, uncles and cousins.  I am pretty sure she didn't miss us a bit -- but we missed her TONS!

As Jonathan and I were riding up on the gondola, we wondered aloud to each other if Anna would ever be able to ski and join our family in this super fun activity.  We plan to make skiing a regular winter activity, and we can't imagine Anna not joining us when she gets old enough and strong enough.

And then, God answered our unspoken prayers and gave us a HUGE helping of hope!  Sitting in the lodge having her lunch was a young lady named Mia.  Mia is a 12-yr. old girl with Ds.  She is in a club that skis every Saturday.  We talked with her grandfather who was there with her this weekend and he told us about how Mia is doing and how much she loves skiing.

She looked so much like Anna with her long straight braids.  And, maybe I was just really missing Anna, but I just wanted to give her a big hug.  But, Jonathan said that just because we have a kid with Ds, that doesn't give me the right to touch her - ha! =)

It was a really, really great weekend...and, now we are ready for summer!


  1. How fun, Lori! Loved your little video looks like the kids (and you guys, too)had a fun time. It certainly wasn't coincidence that you saw that girl with Ds in the lodge, either. Those stereotypes that once existed about our kids and their "inability" to do things are so unfair and untrue. I can see Anna on a little pair of skis sooner than later. I'm sure she enjoyed some spoiling by your family while you were gone!

  2. what a fun trip! i can't wait till jeff and i can take our girls, including maggie rae :) and love anna playing the harmonica, too cute!

  3. We love skiiing and can't wait till our kiddos are old enough to enjoy it too, and I have to admit I have had the same question as you as to whether Emily would be able to ski and thank you so much for writing about Mia, it gives me hope that our kids can do anything and there are no limitations :-)

  4. What a great trip. I love how God put Mia there. So cool