Monday, April 18, 2011


I am not surprised.  Her eyes have given her trouble since birth (tear ducts), I started wearing glasses when I was pretty young, and children with Ds have a tendency to be farsighted, so I kind of figured it was inevitable.

Her doctor described Anna as extremely farsighted, with the left eye being far more so than the right.  He was concerned about the difference in the eyes because this could lead to the left eye basically shutting down, then we would have the eye drifting, and a host of other problems.

So, now we begin our quest to find the perfect pair of glasses to accentuate Anna's beautiful blue eyes. ?  We will see. 

Don't worry, when we get the glasses - pictures will definitely be posted because she is sure to look cute in them =)


  1. How could she NOT look cute in them? Can't wait to see her new look!

  2. Welcome to the glasses club : ) I advise you to find somewhere that carries the Specs4Us frames and try them on before buying online because they did not fit Ella's face at all. The glasses that fit Ella the best, and actually stay up, are Sketchers brand, here is a link to show what they look like...

  3. can't wait to see them. She's going to wear them well, no doubt. now you have the hard job of picking out a pair that are as beautiful as those eyes!! Good luck!

    Your new header picture is just BEAUTIFUL!!!