Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Great Experiment (That MUST NOT Fail!)

So, now that Anna is a big 3-yr. old, I have been thinking it is time to ditch the crib.  Actually, I have been making plans in my head for months now about where the furniture is going to go, what to do with the crib and glider, what kind of bedding, etc.  But, in all my thinking and planning, I really gave very little thought as to whether Anna is ready for this transition.

But, tonight, we find out!

Anna's bedding arrived on Friday.  As we were admiring it yesterday morning, Jonathan says to me, "So, are we doing this today, or what?"  Ummm... I guess so!

So, we spent a good portion of Saturday morning taking the crib and glider out of Anna's room, listing them on Craigslist if anyone is interested ;), disassembling the bunk beds in Paige's room, and carrying the top bunk twin bed into Anna's room.

Everyone was pretty excited!  Especially Anna.
Anna's new bed!

Naptime was,  I am pretty sure we put her back into her bed about 20 times.  She did eventually fall asleep, but I think that was only because she was up so late the night before and had a very short nap on Friday, so she was exhausted.
Finally crashed at naptime

Last night went great!  She went right to bed, slept all night, and was sitting there nicely when we got her up this morning.  Again, I am pretty sure she is completely wiped out from Friday, so we will see what happens when she is not so pooped at bed time.
Where we left her

Where she was when we checked on her before we went to bed

Waiting for us in the morning

But, I love her new room.  We still have a few items to get (curtains, pictures, a few storage bins), but it is so cute and girly - just like Anna.

So, this is the Great Experiment going on in our house right now.  I say it must not fail because I refuse to move all that furniture around again!

Here's to sleeping well!

Oh -- and an update on our other great experiment, a.k.a. potty training... Things are going pretty well. The good news is that I have yet to change a stinky diaper since my last post on March 24 (4 weeks)!  She has been doing her business on the potty!  She goes tinkle on the potty every now and then, but nothing consistent.  But -- she would sit there all day reading books if you let her. =)  So - moving in the right direction...slowly.


  1. Love the new room, it's perfect for Anna! I can't wait to hear how things go with the great experiment.

  2. Awesome! Addy is 4 1/2 and still in her crib. She's so tiny and her room is really small so I've really been putting off putting her into a bed. Maybe this summer :)

  3. She is amazing! We were potty training but with all our family happenings, Nichole's potty business is taking a back seat.
    I do have a question though, where did you get her bed? Could you send me a link to that?
    And I am anxious to see how that transition goes!

  4. Hello, and congrats on the new big girl bed!!! How can I find the crib on craigslist?

  5. LOVE the room and love that she was just waiting for you in bed this morning. Way to go Anna!
    High Five on the no stinky diaper changes! That rocks!!!

  6. I love the new bed and bedding!! So sweet. Great job, big girl!!! :-)

  7. Awesome!! What a cute bed set! We have yet to transition to the "big boy bed" here. And way to go on potty training too! So awesome!