Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Are Done!

Yesterday was Anna's final therapy with Early Intervention.  She will, of course, be getting therapy once she starts school.

So we said good-bye to Ms. Cindy (ST), who will probably remember Anna as the most uncooperative client she has ever worked with.  "At least Anna didn't bite her", is what I often thought after our speech sessions. =)

And we also said good-bye to Ms. Jill (PT).  I am positive Ms. Jill will never forget us - especially since Anna pushed her down our stairs during one session, requiring me to call an ambulance (aack!).  Thank goodness Ms. Jill was okay other than a few bumps and bruises!  Anna really didn't push her, but there were days that Anna was about as cooperative for Ms. Jill as she was Ms. Cindy -- so it is not out of the question. =)

We thank all of Anna's therapists who worked so hard with Anna and showed her so much care and compassion and support.  They were all wonderful and worked so hard to prepare Anna for our transition into pre-school.

Tomorrow is Anna's birthday -- my baby is turning 3!


  1. Happy early birthday Anna! Hope you are spoiled rotten tomorrow!

  2. Miss Anna!!! Oh my next comes school! I'm so excited to see how she likes it. can't wait to see Bday pics.

    Happy early birthday Princess!!! may all you wishes come true!