Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

This could very easily be the title of my post for a number things.  I am constantly walking around with my head in the clouds and forgetting something, doing something completely bone-headed, or, in this case, taking on a project that I just don't have the time or patience for.

At Paige's school, they have a monthly "Creative Family Fun Project" that they are to do at home and bring in for show and tell.  As the name would suggest, everyone is allowed to participate, but the ideas and the bulk of the work should be that of the child.  Well, first off, the name is a complete misnomer, unless of course, you really are a Creative Family...we are not.  Well, I take that back.  We are creative - we just aren't "crafty".  I prefer to call these monthly projects "Messy Family Madness".

Each month there is a theme.  In the past there has been, "What can you make with a paper towel tube?", "What can you make from a paper plate?", and "What kind of critter can you make with a paper cup?"  Oh, yeah, we have had some interesting looking princesses, because after all, can't you make a princess out of just about anything?  

This month's theme was, "What can you create out of something recycled?", in honor of upcoming Earth Day.  You can use (reuse) anything that you would recycle, such as cans, bottles, newspapers, etc.  (Last year, Paige (and I) made a bird feeder out of a milk jug. ).  Paige and I looked through our recycling bin for ideas.  Of course Paige wanted to make a princess out of a soup can, or a princess out of a water bottle, but I told her she needed to come up with a different idea this time.  Let's be creative, right?

So, we looked online for some ideas.  And that was our mistake.  That is where we saw the paper mache eggs.  I described to Paige what paper mache was, and she was beyond excited.

We decided we would make paper mache eggs, and use a cranberry juice bottle to make a basket...What was I thinking?

We gathered our supplies, and let the mess begin!  We used little balloons as our egg molds, and I fashioned a basket out of the cranberry juice bottle.  We mixed the glue and tore our strips of newspaper.

Originally we had planned on making a dozen eggs, but after the first one, I quickly cut the number to six, and was tempted to cut it to 3.  Oh, boy...What was I thinking?

What a mess!

And, what was Anna doing while Paige and I were elbow deep in sticky icky glue?   Bar-B-Queing, of course!  Uh-huh...What was I thinking?

In the end, the project turned out to be pretty cute.  When the paper mache was dry, Paige painted the eggs and the basket.  She decorated the basket with stickers.  Then I helped her make some grass out of tissue paper, and we displayed it all nicely on a paper plate.

Not too bad, huh?  Ok -- no laughing at my lack of Martha Stewart skills.  I am just glad it is done, the mess is cleaned, and this is our last Creative Family Fun Project of the year!

Oh - and yes -- that is a sleep mask that Paige is wearing as a headband.  She is so creative -ha! =)


  1. Super cute, much better than Martha Stewart =)

  2. What do you mean you're not crafty? That is awesome and deserves to be in Family Fun magazine! I always say these "projects" turn into parent projects in some way, shape or form, but it looks like Paige had fun doing her part! Eat your heart out, Martha!!!

  3. Sleep mask as a headband?Quite the trend setter Miss Paige.

    Well,me, not creative,not crafty,in the least bit.Thank goodness I married an artist of sorts and my children take after him ... 24 years of raising children,countless projects and me,no help at all!You on the other hand ... great job.Those eggs are keepers.

  4. *chuckle* that looks like fun!