Friday, May 13, 2011

Cuteness Overload: Anna's First School Picture

Reader Beware -- You may just die from cuteness overload!

During Anna's first week of school, they did spring school pictures.  I was unaware, otherwise I would have chosen a cute little dress and maybe thrown some bows in her hair.  But if you ask me, they turned out pretty darn cute anyway =)

And yes -- we are buying some of these! =)


  1. Thanks for the warning. ABSOLUTELY CUTENESS overload. Adorable

  2. i'm sure there was absolutely NO discussion about whether or not to buy these school pic!!!

    Only which package, Jumbo or Super Jumbo!! LOL

    Love them! Love her!!!

  3. I LOVE IT!! She looks like such a big girl! Hope school is going well for her (and you!)

  4. Lucky you...that picture is adorable. Wait until I get Ella's is hilarious. I saw the proof yesterday and let's just say, she wasn't posing very well (or at all). But I will still buy one as, well, how could I not. By the way, Ella has that same outfit that Anna is wearing. She just wore it to school yesterday :)

  5. OMG she looks like such a big girl!!!! Absolute and total cuteness!!!!