Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Paige!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Paige!!

What a big year Paige has had...she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels, learned to read, learned to ski.  Now if we can just get her to learn how to be quiet for longer than 10 seconds =)

She is the life of the party and the ring leader of her friends.  She is the fun sister,  and the annoying sister.  She is the ultimate cheerleader and the slowest eater you will ever meet.  She is extremely determined -- which is both good and bad.  And, she never ceases to entertain us with her spunk and spirit.

We love you, you Crazy Beautiful Girl!!!

If the video above does not work, you can Click here for Paige's birthday video. (Still working out the kinks on the website, but the video should work).


  1. Happy Birthday Paige!!!!!!! we still talk about your visit and how we miss you! You are one in a million Paige! Have a wonderful day!!!! And a year full of blessings~