Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Greeter!

Today Anna's school had a little graduation and awards ceremony for the pre-school kids.  It was really cute and special.

Each child, whether graduating or not, was recognized and given an award.  Anna received the award for "Best Greeter" because she always had a smile and wave for everyone, and she gives the best hugs =).

I am surprised she didn't receive the award for "Best Arm", because at the reception afterwards she chucked her glasses across the room and into the cake.  And back to the eye doctor we go.....


  1. Yahoo Anna, best greeter for sure. Still cracking up on the glasses in the cake! I hope you get frequent flyer miles to the eye dr!

  2. Great job, Anna!! And, uh, great job, sort of, on the glasses-chucking...

  3. That is awesome! She is adorable!