Monday, June 13, 2011

The Final Stretch

This is the last week of school for Charlie and Anna! Hooray!!!
Paige finished up last Friday!  Hooray!!!

Then Anna has a two week break before she starts up again for Extended School Year (ESY). She will be going to school M-F 8:30-11:30 am  for the month of July.  Then she will have August off and start again in September with the rest of the kids.

We have a busy summer planned with swim lessons, VBS, vacation, pool time, baseball games, grandparents visiting, beach, camping -- all that fun summer stuff =)  It should be a fun, and busy, one!

So we are digging in for the final stretch this week. Then we all plan to sleep in next week before our fun begins! =)

Enjoying the Memorial Day Parade

....And a few updates....

We met with Anna's teacher a couple of days ago to discuss how she is doing, etc.

We were quite pleased (but not surprised) to hear that her teacher, Ms. O, could not have been more thrilled with Anna's performance in school so far.  =)  Anna is joining in during circle time, trying to sign (not sing...yet) the songs,  participating in group therapy activities, and is getting along famously with her classmates.  Her teacher also said that she is the office staff's favorite little princess, and that Anna insists on giving them all a hug each morning when she gets to school (such a lover).

At home, we are also seeing some progress.  If the last time you saw Anna was in December, then you would be amazed at how far her communication skills have come.  Signing is still her preference, and she still only has a handful of words.  But she is trying.  Her babbling and back and forth jabbering have really taken off.  She pretends to talk on the phone all the time.  I often wonder who she is talking to and what on earth she is telling them. I am pretty sure she is talking to Grandma, and telling her how poorly we treat her and that she had better come visit soon!

And a few updates on our other "experiments", and noteworthy points we have going on around here...

Operation Big Girl Bed is a huge success!  Ok, so I block the little opening so she can't get out of bed, but she could move what I am using to block it if she really wanted to.  I think the biggest problem we have is that she loves to look out her window and has pretty much destroyed her blinds.  But - sleep, both at night and naps, are great!

Potty Training is slow, but we are not moving backwards!  Anna continues to be a champ at going no. 2 on the potty.  And, most of the time, she will also tinkle when she is sitting there.  But, she still will not tell us when she needs to go tinkle - so we are still in diapers and pull-ups.  Too be honest - I am okay with where we are.  Wet diapers are easy to change, and the nasty smelly stuff is going in the potty.  We keep working at it, though =)   BTW - they also take Anna to the potty at school, and she has gone there a couple of times also!

Glasses -- HELP!!!!!!!  Forget about it - she refuses to keep them on.

Endocrinologist - We met with the pedi. endo. last week, and as of right now, we are just monitoring Anna's thyroid levels.  No meds, yet, but most likely at some point in the future.  We also met with the nutritionist at the the endo's office, and I am proud to report that she said I am doing a "great job" of feeding my kids a healthy diet.  That's right -- we are going to McDonald's to celebrate! =)  ha!


  1. Addy's glasses weren't an issue for the longest time and then all of the sudden they were. Usually we just need an adjustment when she starts pulling them off :) She gets her new glasses on Wednesday, stronger script so I'm sure she'll be back to pulling them off again :( we just keep reapplying them and tell her "no touch". Hopefully Anna Banana will get used to them!

  2. Sounds like she is doing great! We haven't ventured to the big girl bed yet but think when we get transitioned to a family with 3 kids we will try it. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Terrific progress for Anna (and WTG Charlie with baseball!)!
    With potty training, most kids with Ds do very well with a scheduled trip to the potty. They don't have the sensory awareness to feel a full bladder, so they don't have much time to indicate that they are ready to go. If she's able to "release" urine "on command", then she'd do really well with potty training.

    As for glasses....we had everyone else in the family get cheap sunglasses from the dollar store and punched out the lenses. The older kids would wear them (James and I already had glasses). While sitting at breakfast, I had one of the siblings take their glasses off and toss them gently on the table. I scolded the child for taking off the glasses, and had Hannah scold him too. We practiced this "game" off and on for several days--she loved having the power to say "No no no!" The other thing we did to get her acclimated to glasses was plop her in her high chair to watch a favored video. I was at-the-ready with the remote. As soon as she'd touch her glasses, I'd turn off the TV, and tell her that she couldn't watch it if she touched her glasses. I don't know if either of these would help Anna keep hers on, but thought it was worth sharing. BTW, she LOVES her glasses now--she can't stand not having them.
    She got her first pair when she was 2 yrs 4 months.