Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Short, But Sweet!

My parents were in town for a short, but sweet visit.  They headed out of town before Irene decided to flex her muscles -- and I will have to say that that was a good call!  For those wondering - we are high and dry at our house (Praise the Lord!!), but surrounding areas are littered with trees and roads everywhere are still closed due to flooding.  It is a mess.

Anyway, the kids always love having their grandparents visit. It means lots of snuggles and extra attention for all of them.  Jonathan and I like having them visit, too.  It means 2 extra set of hands to help keep up with the craziness of our household.  It also means Jonathan has to give up the remote for a week, I get my dishes done for a week, and we have someone to play cards with for a week.  Oh yeah - we also just like getting to see them =)
me and my daddy =)

Some Grandpa time at the ballpark

Checking out the stars with Grandma

Can't wait to see you in December, Mom and Dad!!

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  1. Looks like a fabulous time with the grandparents!