Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall = Football, Futbol and Fun!

We are now fully immersed into the Fall Sports season.

This year, Charlie has decided to play Football instead of Futbol (aka Soccer).  As a second grader, he still plays flag, and he is having a great time!  This being his first year to play football, he is still learning about the game and what he is supposed to be doing -- but he is getting it.  And, did I mention that he is having a blast?  His team is now 2-0 - Go Tigers!

Goofing around with teammates! 

Now that Paige is in Kindergarten - she is old enough to play Soccer (aka Futbol).  You may remember my post about how entertaining Kindergarten soccer can be.  Well, it is still very entertaining. =)
Paige, being the social butterfly that she is, is thrilled to have so many friends playing soccer with her.  We only hope her poor coach can handle this group of girls. (I know I can't!)  

Paige and friend

Paige and more friends

Paige and even more friends and Coach

It is going to be a busy, but fun, fall season!!

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