Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It Is Going to Be a GREAT Year!!

First Day of School!

Waiting for Anna's bus

It is a soggy one here, so things were a little chaotic, but everyone made it to their first day of school with a smile on his/her face. =)
backpacks all ready to go!

Paige started Kindergarten this year.  She has the same teacher that Charlie had in Kindergarten =)  I am so excited for Paige to start school.  I think she is going to do great - if she can keep her mouth shut! (Please pray for her teacher.)

Charlie is in the 2nd grade.  Last night at dinner he was telling Paige all about how things run at the school -- because,  you know, he has been there for two years now.   Charlie is extra-excited to have his best buddy in his class again this year. (Please pray for his teacher).

This will be Anna's first full year of pre-school.  No pictures of her getting on the bus this morning because the bus never came - at least not on time.  And, no pictures of her walking into school because I had the camera with the other kids at the other school.  But, she looked like a big girl ready for school and her teacher reported that she had a great first day!   (You can pray for her teacher also -- I am sure she is the one who will need the prayers the most!)

We are looking forward to it being a GREAT year at school!!



  1. I seems such a blessed time at your house. Thank you for making Day One so special for your kids.

  2. I hope everyone has a wonderful first day back today!! Love the pictures. :-) And good luck to their teachers...LOL

  3. What great first day pics. Hope everyone has a super successful year.