Saturday, October 1, 2011

Like Any Other

Today is the first day of October!!

Once again, it is Fall.  For many, this is their favorite time of year.  The cool air has moved in to give us a break from the sweaty summer, but doesn't freeze us like the looming winter months.  The hills are ablaze with color from the leaves.   Everywhere you go you can get pumpkin flavored goodies (muffins, coffee, ice-cream, etc.), and Halloween candy is out in the stores.

Yes - there are a lot of reasons to love October.  But, allow me to add one more!

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

In case you didn't know...
...we have a beautiful daughter, Anna (Banana Pants), who has Down syndrome.

We like to spread awareness about Down syndrome, in hopes of increasing acceptance in society.  We want to let others know that having a child/sibling with Ds is not a life sentence, nor does Anna "suffer" because she has Ds.  Anna is a much-loved (probably the most-loved) member of our family.  We would not trade her for anything!  She is valued and accepted - like any other.

Are there things I would like to change about Anna?  Of course! I would love for her to stop flipping her plate over when she is done eating.  And, I would like for her 5-yr. old typical sister to stop sucking her thumb, and for her 7-yr. old typical brother to hit the toilet.  She is a child - like any other.

Anna is just like you and me.  She has thoughts and preferences. She throws a fit when she doesn't get her way.  She goes to school and has friends.  She likes to watch cartoons. She loves to dance and sing. She loves her babies and her stuffed dog.  She is a person. She has feelings - like any other.

Anna was perfectly made by God.  Her life (and ours, for being the given the responsibility of raising her) is not one to be pitied, but rather, one to be enjoyed and celebrated like any other's


  1. Beautiful post to start off the month! And "like any other" Miss Anna is growing much too fast!!!!

    Evan Andrew noticed how big she has gotten! i think he's her biggest fan:)

  2. Love it!! I had to crack up at the getting your 5 year old to stop sucking her thumb and 7 year old to hit the toliet....sounds like this house, LOL!