Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Pig

I am not so sure Charlotte would spin us such a web, but I think she is pretty cute!

Anna as King Pig

My kids decided that they want to be Angry Birds for Halloween.  Charlie wants to be the black bird, Paige the blue bird, and we decided that Anna should be the King Pig =)

There is no way I was going to buy them Angry Birds costumes...they are at least $40+  and not in stock anywhere.

So - I decided to try my NOT CRAFTY hand at making them.  (Insert snide remarks here)  I do not own a sewing machine, barely own needle and thread, but I can manage to get two pieces of material to stay together - if pretty doesn't count.

Anna's is the first one I did.  It is a little small, and you definitely don't want to see it up close, but not too bad for a first try.  I definitely learned a lot for when I make Charlie and Paige's.  And, I may go back to the fabric store to get more fabric to redo Anna's. At $4/yd, it is a bargain compared to buying the costume!

Why do I get myself into these things? =)


  1. Super cute! We saw those in the store the other day and couldn't believe the price!

  2. For not having a sewing machine, that's pretty good! Anna seems to like it and that's the important thing!

  3. too cute! i will be making costumes this year for the first time, too! definitely going with something simple first time out. ;)