Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Concerts - Fa la la la la, la la la la!

One of the great joys of having children is watching them perform in their school and church concerts.  Last week Charlie had his Winter Concert at school. And over the weekend, Charlie and Paige participated in the Christmas Cantata at church.  Oh, the joyous sound of children's singing voices!

Winter Concert
Charlie is in the second row, red sweater vest.  Sorry about the bit that is out of focus.

Christmas Cantata
Charlie is in same red sweater vest, and Paige is in black sweater and red skirt.  Again - video is far from professional.  During one performance I had Anna on my lap, and I was late coming into the other one because I was tending to Anna in the nursery.  I am guessing she was jealous that she was not the star of the show (or at least allowed up on the stage with a microphone- ha!)

Paige has her Kindergarten Christmas Concert next week. I can't wait!  She has been practicing, and I can only hope for a preview as good as this one!


  1. My girls have their school play next week and they are so excited too! Ellie wants to make sure I tape it so she can watch it over and over. Which I am sure she will!
    Your kids are so sweet!

  2. So adorable!!

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