Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Short, But Sweet!

My parents were in town for a short, but sweet visit.  They headed out of town before Irene decided to flex her muscles -- and I will have to say that that was a good call!  For those wondering - we are high and dry at our house (Praise the Lord!!), but surrounding areas are littered with trees and roads everywhere are still closed due to flooding.  It is a mess.

Anyway, the kids always love having their grandparents visit. It means lots of snuggles and extra attention for all of them.  Jonathan and I like having them visit, too.  It means 2 extra set of hands to help keep up with the craziness of our household.  It also means Jonathan has to give up the remote for a week, I get my dishes done for a week, and we have someone to play cards with for a week.  Oh yeah - we also just like getting to see them =)
me and my daddy =)

Some Grandpa time at the ballpark

Checking out the stars with Grandma

Can't wait to see you in December, Mom and Dad!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

That Will Be $.50, Please!

Charlie and Paige have been hit by the entrepreneurial spirit the past couple of days. I am pretty sure they have been watching too much Phineas and Ferb.

The other day, they announced they wanted to have a garage sale.  Me, not really caring what they were doing because they were not fighting for once, told them to go for it.

So, they rummaged around upstairs and pulled out a variety of toys they no longer wanted, mis-matched doll clothes, and a few random items from their junk drawers. They made signs out of cardboard, and neatly laid out their merchandise on a blanket in the yard.

Then they harassed the neighbors.

Our poor neighbors.  Charlie and Paige were yelling at everyone who walked, rode or drove by to come to their garage sale.  There was a group of about 8 older kids hanging out at the house on the corner, and my two kept walking up there and insisting they come to their sale.

Finally, they found a couple of suckers shoppers.  A couple of neighbor kids and their mom came over to check out the sale.  They looked at everything, found something they were interested in, and asked how much it was.

Charlie: $15
Neighbor: Oh, that is a little expensive. Do you think you could go a little bit lower.
Charlie: How about $5
Neighbor: Mmmmm... Still a little much
Charlie: $10

Such great bargaining skills we are building here =)

In the end, each of the neighbor kids chose a little activity tray for $1 each.  The neighbor handed Paige a $5 and she put in in her money box....end of transaction.

Such great money skills we are building here, also! =)

After having so much fun with their garage sale the day before, the kids begged me to do a lemonade stand the next day.  Not wanting to stifle their creativity, I agreed. So, we baked some cookies, mixed up some lemonade, set up a table and made signs.  They were open for business once again!

The lemonade stand was a huge success. Lots of neighbors stopped by for a $.25 cookie and a $.25 glass of lemonade.  And Paige learned that $.25 + $.25 is $.50, please! =)

Just over a week until school starts here....oh, what exciting things will we come up with next!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation 2011

We are back from our family vacation!
Once again, we went to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, or as we call it...OOB.

It was a great week filled with Beach, beach, more beach, lighthouses, mini-golf and lots of fun memories with the family.

I could write all about it...but I will just show you in pictures instead =)

Anna LOVED the beach.  Begged to go out each day and pitched a fit when we had to go home.

Water was so clear and calm our first day there

She loved the sand AND the water!

Practicing her surfer moves

Searching the rocks for crabs and starfish

What we found at the rocks

Weather was chilly so we visited lighthouses instead of beach

Lunch at the Lobster Shack at Two Lights

Rides at the pier...Anna still does not like them!

Sand Art by Paige -- this was a card for her Aunt's bday =)

Now it is back to the grind. School starts on September 6, but swim lessons start again on Monday morning and Charlie starts Football (his first time playing) on Monday night!