Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

Yes, Thanksgiving -- that little holiday that is slowly getting squeezed out to make way for the bigger,  louder, and brighter holiday, Christmas.

It is a shame that Thanksgiving is getting the squeeze - especially because here in America we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.  (What is even more of a shame is that Christmas is starting to encroach on my birthday, Nov. 19...but, I digress.)

I guess I, and others who love this November holiday, should be thankful that Americans love their food and won't be denied an opportunity to feast.  In addition to that, here is my (very incomplete) list of 2011 thankfuls:

- I am thankful for my husband.  He loves me in spite of all my flaws (that's a whole different kind of list!).  =)

- I am thankful for my children.  There are days that I have considered giving them back (just kidding), but mostly I am overjoyed with them and I miss them when I am not around them.

- I am thankful for tiny hands...look at these cute pieces of art that I have been treated to recently.
Paige's handprint turkey

- I am thankful for Down syndrome. Yes - you read that right. Having Anna in our lives has opened our eyes and hearts to so many new and beautiful things.   She is also teaching us so much about the type of people we want to be...patient, kind, understanding, patient, and did I mention patient?

- I am thankful for my parents.  They have always been supportive of me - but have also told me when I was being a bonehead. =)  I also am thankful that they are still married after 40 years (on Nov. 27th)! Happy Early Anniversary!

- I am thankful for my sister whom I don't get to see nearly enough.

- I am thankful for my in-laws. They are fun, welcoming, and I am lucky to have them as my family. (BTW - my in-laws also just celebrated their 40th Anniversary on November 13 -- Congratulations!)

- I am thankful for my husband's job...that he has one, and that he works so hard at it so he can provide for our family.

- I am thankful for health insurance. We have used our fair share that past couple of years.

- I am thankful for good health.  Though we have been to the doctor a lot, we are all in good health. In fact, we just had Anna's annual cardiologist check-up.  She is good to go for another year!

- I am thankful for my friends, both past and present.  I am thankful for the women who have known me for years and still want to be my friend.  And I am thankful for the women who are my friends today, and are willing to help me out with watching my kids, or praying for us, or just listening.

- I am thankful for my children's teachers.  I will probably be even more thankful by the time that this long weekend is over =)

- I am thankful for my God.  Without Him, there would be nothing else to be thankful for. I am thankful that he loves me in spite of my sins, and that my salvation is secure in Jesus.

This list could go on and on and on...but, I am sure you all are wanting to get to your turkey, or football.  So, I leave you with this Turkey Day blessing...

May Your Stuffing Be Tasty;
May Your Turkey Be Plump,
May Your Potatoes N Gravy Have A Nary A Lump,
May Your Yams Be Delicious,
May Your Pies Take The Prize,
May Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Stay Off Of Your Thighs!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Fall Sports have finally wrapped up.

Paige ended her soccer season on high note, scoring 2 goals on her last day!

The Steal!

The Break-away!

The Goal!!!!!!!
Looking forward to next season!