Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lake Placid 2012

We had a great ski weekend!  We had so much fun last year at Whiteface Mtn (Lake Placid, NY), that we went back this year.

The snow, despite being pretty much non-existent and all man-made, was not too bad.  A couple of inches on Friday night helped a lot!  (And - no making fun of our wimpy mountains - you Rocky Mountainers!)

The kids are starting to really pick it up (contrary to the poor video footage).  Charlie did one day of lessons, and then skied with us the next day - tackling the blues with ease.  He wasn't always the fastest one out there, but he was diligent and fearless!

Paige is still the little daredevil.  She told her instructor on the first day, "I think I have the hang of this...I don't need to turn anymore."  She also graduated from the Kiddie Kampus over to the main part of the mountain.

Anna didn't make the trip. She was being doted on by her Grammy and Papa.

Enjoy the video montage of our weekend =)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Jason and I are going skiiing for our anniversary trip in a few weeks and I am so excited! 2 of the 3 of ours are still too young to ski (well, at least with me as their mama!) so for now it's just us, but I can't wait till Ethan, Emily and Chase can ski with us!