Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Room for the New!

Paige has finally lost her first tooth!

We noticed it was loose over Christmas break, and that the new tooth was coming in behind it.  But, it wasn't until Saturday that the new tooth finally evicted (with a little help from Daddy) the baby tooth.

She was thrilled to get a visit from the tooth fairy who left her a whopping $5!  I am pretty sure the tooth fairy will not be so generous on the rest of her teeth.

And - please excuse Paige's scary bed-hair.  She has pretty much been in bed all week with pneumonia.  This was following her bout with the stomach virus the week before.  I took her back to the doctor today because she was still running a fever, despite being on antibiotics since Tuesday, only to find out that, in addition to still having pneumonia, she also has an ear infection.  When it rains - it pours!

But - she seems to be on the mend!  She couldn't stop talking at lunch today - which is a tell tale sign that she is feeling better =)


  1. So sorry you haven't been well Paige, glad you are on the mend now. Way to go on the new tooth. But, please don't tell our kids how much the tooth fairies brings you!

  2. Get better soon, Paige...that really stinks!
    Woot, woot for the $5 toothfairy payout, too!

  3. Oh Miss Paige!! Do not like to hear that you have been so sick!! But I'm so glad the tooth fairy got to make an appearance!!