Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!   I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

We got all dressed up and tried to get a couple of good pictures.  It was a little chilly so Anna was making funny faces, and poor Paige had a scrape on her nose from falling off her bike.

The Easter Bunny filled our baskets...

Lego Friends...Legos for Girls!

Batting gloves!

And the Easter Bunny brought eggs for an egg hunt with our cousins and friends...

Is there anything cute than little girls in Easter dresses?

The parents making sure all the eggs were found =)

And, to top off the day, we celebrated Anna's (4/15) and her cousin Hudson's (4/1) birthdays!  Anna was getting worn out from all the activities, so she decided to chill in front of the TV for awhile.  But, she rallied for cake and ice-cream =)  Check out the cool lightsaber cake Anna's uncle made!

Hope your day was blessed! He is Risen!!!


  1. What a fun day! Great pics, beautiful dresses... we love Legos for girls, too. :-) LOVE the bday cake, too. So cool!

  2. Super cute pictures! Oh course the super cute family makes them! ;)
    Can't believe she is going to be 4 this week! WOW does time fly!

  3. your kids are the cutest! Happy Easter to you!!!! Love the birthday cake BTW!

  4. Who is the woman in the pink dress...she is gorgeous!!!