Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Busy Season

April and May are always busy, busy, busy around here! Between birthdays and Easter and other days, and then throw in Spring Break, a weekend away for me, a sick dog, baseball and t-ball -- that makes for Super Busy!

But, we are taking it all in stride.

Anna is now officially without glasses until her new ones come in.  After her blue ones got smashed in the parking lot, she was down to one pair (BTW - this is a replacement pair for the ones she tossed down the elevator shaft while in San Diego), but they have gone missing.  I am confident that they will show up - eventually, but I went ahead and ordered her a new pair anyway.  Seriously, I should just give her $1 bills to toss every time she gets angry instead of her glasses -- it would be much cheaper!

I got to get away for a girls' weekend last weekend.  Not an overly exciting destination (Kansas), but it was so nice to be home.  It was a much needed break for me, and a great time hanging out with and catching up with some of my good friends.  And, we got to celebrate the wedding of another good friend.  The worst part of the weekend was the 3.5 hour delay getting home!  I didn't land until almost 1 AM, and didn't get home until almost 2 AM.

To make the flight delay worse, we came home to a sick doggie =(  Poor Maggie.  She is having some bladder control issues and currently banished to the garage until I can get her into the vet tomorrow. I am hoping she just has a UTI or some other ailment that can be cured, and not that she is just getting old (which she is...will be 10 in July!).

Charlie had his front two teeth pulled today.  After a trip to the orthodontist last week, we opened up a savings account for pending orthodontic bills (not really - but we should!).  In addition to the tooth extractions, the poor kid has a palate expander, braces and headgear in his future...he should have a Hollywood smile by the time he is 20!  =)

Spring sports are in full swing.  Charlie has his first baseball game this week and Paige has her first t-ball game.  Look for pictures to come.  Anna starts her Young Athletes Program with the Special Olympics in a couple of weeks -- can't wait!

And, Jonathan and Paige have their birthdays next week!

So much going on around here...I can't keep up! =)


  1. WOW you have been busy! Love Charlie's new look can't wait to see the braces! Hey Kansas is pretty exciting! LOL

    1. Ha Ha, Rochelle! Kansas is exciting...during tornado season! But , it is the lack of excitement that is so appealing to me =) Next time I come, I will have to build in extra time so I can come meet you all!

  2. Does it ever end? I always look at retired folks and think...someday, I'll be able to relax!!

    Kudos to you on your girls weekend, too. I've never had one, but I can bet you that this is my year!

    I think Charlie is handsome, sans teeth, or with whatever orthodontic appliance he will sport. He probably won't appreciate his smile, or the oodles of cashola you spent on making it "Hollywood" until he's 20 anyway :)

    Too bad they don't consider contacts for 4 year olds!

  3. good for you and your get away! your family is the sweetest! Love checkin in on you guys! Katie

  4. Do Anna's glasses have a warranty or replacement plan? I send a lot of families to Walmart because their glasses have a 1 year damaged or broken plan that has saved a few families a lot of money!