Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Final YAP Session

We had our final YAP (Young Athlete's Program - NJ Special Olympics) last week.

As expected, Anna had a great time.  She is definitely a "ball girl" - meaning she loves to play with balls... all kinds.  She likes to throw them, bounce them, kick them, roll them, try to catch them...she just likes balls.  But look out if she has one because you never quite know for sure which direction it is going to go! =)

They also had a rock wall this week which Anna was keen on trying.

And here is a group shot (with siblings).  A number of kids were not there this week...summer vacation?

We are looking forward to another YAP session in the Fall!!  Such a great program for these special kids =)

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  1. Awesome, we need to get our girls involved here.