Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wrapping Up

Finally -- our last day of school is within sight!  Seriously - this has been the longest school year ever, and we didn't even use any of our snow days!

This morning was Anna's pre-school graduation ceremony.  Anna is not graduating, but all kids are encouraged to attend, and all kids are recognized and given an award.  It is really sweet. =)

This year, Anna received the "Queen Bee" award.  I believe the title is self-explanatory - ha!

Anna was the flag holder at the ceremony.  She actually managed to stand still and not poke out anyone's eyes.

We said good-bye to Anna's speech therapist who is retiring.  Lord knows she has earned her retirement after working with Anna the past two years! =)  

To say we are blessed that Anna has such great teachers and aides and therapists and other helpers at school is an understatement!

Now we are off to help with Charlie's class party -- ice-cream sundaes and water fights! =)


  1. YAHOO Anna! You look like such a big girl. WOW that was one long school year. Our girls are halfway finished with esy already! LOL
    Enjoy your summer!

  2. Here's to the Queen Bee - you go, Anna!!! What an amazing school setting. All of the teachers, etc. deserve a round of applause.

  3. Great job Anna! Love that she got Queen Bee!!