Monday, August 20, 2012

They Did It!!

At the beginning of the summer, Charlie, Paige and I agreed upon a set of goals that they had to achieve this summer.  If they met said goals by the goal deadline, then they would earn a fun-filled weekend at Hershey Park!

They did it!

Paige's goals were: 1. Be able to locate all 50 states on an unlabeled map (we learned the names of all the states last year --"Fifty Nifty United States", 2. Learn to count money (coins and dollars -- but not make change), 3. Read 2 chapter books, and 4. Keep a Journal (2 entries/week - each entry a couple of sentences and a picture).

Charlie's goals were: 1. Be able to locate all 50 states on an unlabeled map, 2. Complete a typing course on the computer (I was tired of the finger pecking), 3. Learn his multiplication facts through 12x12, and 4. Keep a Journal (3 entries/week - each entry 4-5 sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization)

The kids worked hard all summer to reach their goals - especially considering it was summer and who wants to do work?

So, last weekend, we took them to enjoy their reward and the "Sweetest Place on Earth".
tram from the parking lot -- the "first" ride

measuring up -- a Twizzler - just barely

not quite a Hershey

the park from the ferris wheel

look closely -- that is Charlie and me on the coaster

Charlie and Jonathan upside down (4th from the back)

taking a break from all the ups and downs

Day 2: the water park!

kids loved this giant splash tower and slides
All in all - we had a GREAT time!  Paige's favorite ride was the SooperDooperLooper, and her motto now is "First car -- the only way to go!".  Charlie also surprised us with his thrill-ride fever.  Being taller, he was able to go on more rides -- Even the new SkyRush!

Anna didn't make the trip to Hershey.  She doesn't like rides, although next time, I may take her for the water park which I know she would have loved!  She got to stay with her Grammy and Papa, instead.  =)
At the park with Papa and cousin Matthew

Now -- we have just over 2 weeks until school starts.  How will we fill the time?!?!


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family. Congratulations kids!!

  2. What a great reward for a job well done! They are growing so fast. Hope they all have a great school year. Ours start this week.