Monday, October 1, 2012

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Happy October!  

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

I know - October is also the designated month for Breast Cancer Awareness, and pink is all the rage.  I support that cause as well.  How could I not? I am a woman, and I know too many women (and their families) affected by breast cancer to not support the cause.

But, wouldn't it be really cool if the NFL football players wore blue and yellow, instead of pink, one weekend in October to show their support for individuals with Down syndrome?  Or, what if all those websites that change their backgrounds to pink for the month of October, changed it blue and yellow for even one day?  Perhaps they don't because they don't know someone with Ds.  If they did, I can guarantee they would be busting out their blue and yellow headbands to show their love.

How could they not?  People with Ds are pretty cool, and to know one is to love one.  Individuals with Ds have a certain "magic" about them that pulls you in and changes you forever.   I think it is one of God's most clever plans for spreading His love and sharing His message about what is important in this world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are "afraid" of Down syndrome.  I was -- I didn't want a child with Ds before I had Anna. Not that I didn't accept people with Ds as valuable individuals, but I was afraid of the misinformation and common negative stereotypes that most people accept as fact.  It wasn't until Anna came into our lives that I realized how narrow-minded I had been.  If you know Anna, you know that she is a beautiful little girl (just look at that picture above!) who knows what she wants.  Down syndrome is not to be feared...Anna, maybe (more on that in another post), but not Ds.  Down syndrome is a blessing in disguise, and I wish that more people would see a diagnosis of Ds as they would winning the lottery -- a brilliant stroke of luck!

So, check back frequently this month as I share some interesting facts about Down syndrome that you may not have been aware of, and put to rest some common myths about people with Down syndrome.

Welcome to October!


  1. I think the NFL or maybe baseball should spend one day in blue and yellow for our babies! That would be so awesome!

  2. omg she is so beautiful, she has amazing eyes !!!