Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Couldn't Keep Up...

...But it didn't matter!

I know this post is a little late, but so was Halloween in the Garden State - so go figure! =)

 This was the first year that Anna was interested in trick-or-treating.  It was also the first year that she was able to say "trick-or-treat", or at least some close approximation of it.

After a few tears getting into her costume, Super Girl was ready to fly!  We started off with the big kids, but just couldn't keep up.  Charlie and Paige stayed with us for a few houses, but then the excitement of trick-or-treating got the best of them, and away they went.  (Fortunately, in anticipation that we wouldn't make it far, I had made arrangements for the Bigs to make the rounds with the neighbors.)

So that left Anna going door to door by herself.  But,  you know what?  She didn't care one bit.  She went up to each house (that I let her go to), rang the doorbell, shouted "trick-or-treat" with a smile, picked out her candy, and signed and said "thank-you", and then came running back to give me a hug.

It took us an hour and half to go the end of our street and back, (The Bigs were able to circle the entire neighborhood in that time.) but she had so much fun and kept asking for more despite being freezing cold.

Finally, I was able to get her home where she took over the duty of handing out candy.  One by one she would place the candy in the bags.  So diligent, so precise, and so awesome!!

This was by far my favorite Halloween ever, and I cannot wait for Christmas this year!

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