Friday, December 7, 2012

Doing the Most Good

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of an evening with no after school activities and went into NYC to see the "Big Tree" in Rockefeller Center.  The kids were quite excited about this little adventure and were even willing to skip doing their homework. =)

 We had a beautiful night! Not too cold, but cold enough to feel Christmas-y.
beautiful sunset as we drove down the West Side Highway

Loving the Lego Store!

We had a celebrity sighting on our way in!
Geraldo Rivera -- he rolled down his window to say 'Hi' to us!

And we met up with some really cool people (Aunt Christine, Uncle Joe, Eliza and Hudson)!

The tree was really big, and really pretty. The ice-skaters were fun to watch.  And the Lego Store was really cool.  But, I think we all had the most fun watching Anna help ring the bell for the Salvation Army kettle that was located at Rockefeller Center.

Yep! That's Anna -- Doing the Most Good!


  1. Sounds awesome! And i'm completely jealous!!!!

  2. How great!!! I foresee bell choir in Anna's future! Looooved the video!

  3. Great pics...looks like you had a great time!

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