Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Room for the New!

Paige has finally lost her first tooth!

We noticed it was loose over Christmas break, and that the new tooth was coming in behind it.  But, it wasn't until Saturday that the new tooth finally evicted (with a little help from Daddy) the baby tooth.

She was thrilled to get a visit from the tooth fairy who left her a whopping $5!  I am pretty sure the tooth fairy will not be so generous on the rest of her teeth.

And - please excuse Paige's scary bed-hair.  She has pretty much been in bed all week with pneumonia.  This was following her bout with the stomach virus the week before.  I took her back to the doctor today because she was still running a fever, despite being on antibiotics since Tuesday, only to find out that, in addition to still having pneumonia, she also has an ear infection.  When it rains - it pours!

But - she seems to be on the mend!  She couldn't stop talking at lunch today - which is a tell tale sign that she is feeling better =)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

Happy 8th Birthday, Charlie!!

I can't believe it has been 8 years!  We are so proud of you!!  You are not a "little boy" anymore --  you are becoming so grown up.

It has been a big year for you.  You totally rock at school, and your hard work shows.  And, you found a new love...Sports!  It is so much fun watching you grow and your skills improve -- but mostly, watching you enjoy playing the game(s).

Hope you have a super birthday and that 8 is Grrrrrrreat! =)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

100 Days!

Today is the 100th day of school for the kids!

Paige had to make a project using a collection of 100 items.  She wanted to do something with rainbow colors, and this is what she came up with =)  Rainbow toothpicks - 20 of each color arranged to look like a flower.

And, this is how Paige is celebrating her 100th day...poor, sweet girl.  She is missing all the fun at school today.

But, at least she is not alone, because here is Anna!

Charlie is holding strong.  In fact, he was so sweet - he made breakfast for Paige and brought it to her.  Now, she can't eat it because she will just throw it back up.  But the gesture was really sweet - especially knowing the way those two fight.

So, we are hoping day 101 is much better than 99 and 100!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lake Placid 2012

We had a great ski weekend!  We had so much fun last year at Whiteface Mtn (Lake Placid, NY), that we went back this year.

The snow, despite being pretty much non-existent and all man-made, was not too bad.  A couple of inches on Friday night helped a lot!  (And - no making fun of our wimpy mountains - you Rocky Mountainers!)

The kids are starting to really pick it up (contrary to the poor video footage).  Charlie did one day of lessons, and then skied with us the next day - tackling the blues with ease.  He wasn't always the fastest one out there, but he was diligent and fearless!

Paige is still the little daredevil.  She told her instructor on the first day, "I think I have the hang of this...I don't need to turn anymore."  She also graduated from the Kiddie Kampus over to the main part of the mountain.

Anna didn't make the trip. She was being doted on by her Grammy and Papa.

Enjoy the video montage of our weekend =)