Thursday, June 6, 2013

Master Manipulator

We had Anna's IEP meeting last week.  After receiving her evaluation reports, I was really dreading the meeting and what possible surprises might be coming our way.  The current thinking was that Anna will be going to Kindergarten in the fall, but I was beginning to doubt that decision.

But, the meeting went great, and I left feeling confident that we are doing the right thing for Anna.

All the players were at the meeting, including Jonathan and me.  We began the meeting by going over the evaluation reports and all in the room were in agreement that the scores Anna received were not indicative who she really is, what she really knows, and what she really is capable of doing.  The nature of the tests and how they have to be administered (timed portions, not able to repeat, etc.) really affected Anna's scores because Anna is not always the most cooperative little girl (LOL).

What the tests did do, however, was give us an idea of Anna's areas of strengths and weaknesses.  One area of strength that really stood out was Anna's problem solving abilities.  In other words, Anna is a "Master Manipulator" and knows how to get what she wants.  Well, I didn't need a fancy test or a special degree to tell me that -- but I am glad that my motherly instincts were confirmed by such. =) 

So, after much discussion about Anna's true abilities (vs. her IQ score), we agreed that Kindergarten is the next logical step for her. 

The current plan for Anna is that she will start Kindergarten full time (we have full day Kindergarten) in the fall.  She will probably spend most of her time at the beginning of the year in the Special Ed classroom, while trying to be incorporated into the regular Kindergarten classroom as much as possible.  She will be pulled out for her therapies (OT, PT, Speech) and she will have a full time personal aide.

No matter what - it should be interesting!  But, we all feel we have to try to keep pushing her along lest she gets too comfortable. =)   We feel she is capable if she will just cooperate.

So, now the real question is  --- What am I going to to do with all my "free" time starting next September??!? Perhaps I will finally get some of my projects completed.  =)

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