Friday, June 14, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

Today was Anna's Pre-K graduation!

Thanks again to Anna's wonderful teachers and therapists.  They truly love Anna and worked so hard to help her grow.

Here are just few (ha ha) pictures of the day =)

Most Animated Communicator - LOL!

Anna's Awesome Teacher

Mrs. M - SLP -- working wonders with Anna's speech :)

Loved by her team! =)

Miss Jodi - One of Anna's biggest fans =)

Officer Macaulay - Anna's favorite person to harass =)

We did it!!! - Time for cake!

Anna and friend =)

It is hard to believe she is going to Kindergarten next fall.  Oh, how the time flies!  It seems like just yesterday she was off on her first day of school!  (

We love you Anna!!  God has blessed our family immensely with you.  You make us so proud!!

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