Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Fun!

All good things must come to an end...including fun summers - Boo!

Our summer has been fun and busy, but it is time to head back to school. Charlie will be in 4th grade, Paige 2nd, and Anna starts Kindergarten!!!  All three of my babies will be in the same school. =)

Our summer was full of camps, summer school and fun activities.

We went camping...

And fishing...

Did some biking.
Check out Anna's new ride!

Of course there was swimming.

Anna did really great at swim lessons!

Anna caught her first movie in the theater.

We had fun at the beach.

But not so much at the pier.
I promise -- she BEGGED to go on the ride.

We took in some baseball.

And added a little bit of education to the mix.
Washington's Crossing of the Delaware

Happened right over there =)

Charlie got a new smile.

Paige started a new sport.
Field Hockey!

And we kicked off the football season.

Summer was fun...but I  think we are ready to get back to a more regular schedule (at least I am!) Let's just hope Anna's teachers are ready!! =)

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