Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IEP/Annual Review

We had Anna's annual review and IEP last Wednesday.

If I haven't mentioned it before - we LOVE Anna's new school!

Anna is a completely different child when she is at school.  Happy, comfortable, cooperative...a far cry from the "No! Stop it! Sorry!" that I get regularly at home. - lol! (She is improving, though. So my ego isn't completely shattered yet.)

Her teachers and therapists are working miracles (Okay - maybe not miracles -- but it sure seems like it at times) with her.  They know what they are doing, how to get results, and won't settle for anything less. And, Anna is happy to work for them!

We were quite pleased with our recent IEP meeting.   Anna will continue getting all the services she needs, and then some - even throughout the summer.  She has made such great progress in so many areas. It can be discouraging to see goals and evaluations on paper, but it can also be so encouraging when you see the progress in black and white.

Anna and the cuties in her class on the day I went to read :) 

We continue to praise God for his blessings.  Anna is going places - just you wait! :)

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