Monday, May 12, 2014

Potty Training: The Saga (Part 1)

Confession: Anna is 6 yrs. old and not potty trained.
Confession: I don't really care.
Confession: But I do care because it is kind of a pain at times.

So -- We have jumped in feet first!  We are in full on potty training mode.

Anna's teachers told us it is time, so we are going with it.

We have tried to train before, but Anna just wasn't ready.  Her behavior was very resistant and she would have an accident 10 minutes after having just gone on the potty.  So, we waited.

After several months of consistent performance and control at school, we have decided to push her a little farther.  For two weeks now, Anna has been wearing underwear during the day.  She gets taken to the potty on regular intervals, and for the most part has been staying dry.  She had a few accidents when we first started, but seemed to be getting the hang of it.  Even on the weekend when there is no routine and our schedule is fast and furious going from one game to the next she was doing well.

And then, it was Mother's Day...  After almost two weeks of "getting it".  After almost two weeks of me feeling proud and successful.  After almost two weeks of being "Mother of the Year" -- Anna blessed me.  And by blessed me, I mean she peed on my lap...twice...on Mother's Day.  -- sigh

But, we got right back to it.  She had a great day at school yesterday and today looks promising.

I mentioned that we still have a long road ahead - but at least it is the right road!


  1. Slow and steady wins the race...that is my motto for potty training kids with ds! ♥

  2. Way to go, Anna! Potty training is daunting, for sure, but the consistency is what matters most. Back to traveling with a change of clothes and some wet wipes!!