Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Future Stars Race

Today we took Anna to participate in the Young Athlete's Festival at the Special Olympics USA Games which are being hosted by New Jersey this year.

They set up the Young Athlete's Festival at the SO Sports Complex this year so there was lots of room to set up activities.  There was a fun house (Anna's favorite).

There were games of skill, t-ball, and an obstacle course.  FYI - Anna crushed the ball!

Anna tried out one of the Strider bikes.  She wasn't a fan -- she wanted to pedal - lol!  I guess we will stick with the trike for now.

And, Anna ran in the 25 meter Future Stars Race.  This just never gets old :)

Big Sister Paige was so proud to skip her own field day at school to come support her awesome little sister.

Love the Special Olympics!!  Do yourself a favor and attend/volunteer at a SO event near you.  You will be humbled and inspired!!


  1. Thank you for sharing that
    We're taking our son on Wednesday
    and your video will help him understand what to expect