Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Unexpected Break

So, Anna's school had a small fire two weekends ago.  Fortunately nobody was injured and there was no real fire damage. But, there was a lot of smoke damage that prohibited them from opening the school.

So, last week, Anna got an unexpected break from school.

We tried to make the most of it.  We visited her friends at her old school.  We got her glasses fixed, and we watched a lot of ballgames!   But we also got to go to lunch with Daddy.

And help make me make dinner.

And she got to sleep in!  I am pretty sure this was her favorite :)

She is back to school this week.  They are in a temporary location until the end the year, and then hopefully back in their regular building for the start of the summer session.  Please keep them in your prayers that all works out!!

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  1. Sleeping in? Anna could you come teach our girls that? LOL